How the photographic report takes place ?

May 3rd, 2017


How the photographic report takes place ?

As a photographer, natural light plays a major role in the realization of a photographic wedding reportage. I use the flash only during reception, once the sun is down. My goal is not to dictate the course of your day but rather to share with you all the tricks that will help you plan your wedding day by taking light into account.
Your wedding is before anything else: Love, Family, Joy, Emotions, Beauty. As a photographer I must be able to handle all the situations of light and all the important moments of this sublime day.

Preparation of the bride and groom

Preparations are the opportunity to start telling the story of your marriage. There are so many beautiful moments and light helps to sublimate the images.
The perfect scenario would be to have large windows, but I know how to adapt to all situations to make beautiful pictures of the bride and groom during the preparation.

The “First look”

What is it ? It is the moment when you see yourself for the first time, Madame with her pretty dress and Monsieur with her beautiful costume. This is the “First Look”, this moment lasts 5 to 10 mn: it is a magical moment and moving.

The ceremony

This is the moment when all the guests are there, happy, happy and where the bride and groom say YES, where stress falls. It is also at this moment that the pictures are full of emotions: laughter, tears, embraces, in a word HAPPINESS.

mariage indien irlandais couple parismaraige paris bateau parisien mairie 16Emariage ceremonie mairie mariesmariage marie signture mairie ceremoniemariage ceremonie mairie maries

Photos of couple

It is important to allow time for this session. It is an opportunity to meet you both, and I am here just for you. This is an opportunity for me to be creative. Try to book at least 30 minutes if possible to dock the cocktail: the ideal is to enjoy the sunset where the light is the most beautiful.

mariage rock montmartre parismariee galerie vivienne parismariage jouer couple colonnes de burenne

The details

I also take a time to make detailed pictures, ie the place, the bouquet, the tables, the decoration and all these small details that you will find with pleasure.

commanderie de dormellescommanderie de dormelles

The Evening

This is the only time I use the flash. It is often at this point that the DJ uses very contrasted lighting that must be taught

mariage soirée champetremariage soiree fetemaraige soiree fete