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What is a Commitment Session?

May 3rd, 2017

What is a Commitment Session?

An engagement session is often the first opportunity to work with your photographer. It is also the moment when we can discover ourselves and for me to know your expectations. The engagement session allows you to create a first contact before your wedding and to put you at ease.
An engagement session takes approximately 2 hours in the venue of your choice.
If you have children and you want them to participate, do not hesitate: your wedding is a moment of joy and sharing with your family.

That wearing ?

1 -Choose clothes in which you feel good, you like: the purpose of the session is to feel comfortable so that you can capture all the important moments during this shooting. If the clothes do not look like you, it will be on the clichés.
2 -Coordinate the colors: put colors that complement each other (to avoid: a red skirt with an orange top). Make sure your clothes are coordinated (example to avoid: Lady in gala dress and Sir in Bermuda).
3 – Combine the clothes according to the place: for example, if the session is in Paris, choose clothes more urban, why not a bit sophisticated. On the other hand, if it is in the countryside, prefer the natural.
4 – Also choose the color of your clothes according to the color of your skin: If you have a clear skin tone, avoid the white.

To avoid ?

1 – Avoid fluorescent colors as they may reflect on your skin and that of your spouse
2 – Avoid wearing clothes of the same color as sir, as well as clothes with texts or large logos
3 – Do not wear too tight or too tight clothing
4 – Do not put white socks with a suit (sorry gentlemen but it is to banish absolutely)
5 – Do not have too much makeup

Some additional tips

1 – If we decide to shoot outside, plan a session in the late afternoon: the light is softer
2 – Come with the good mood: be relaxed, it will be seen in the photos
3 – If possible, plan 2 outfits (including a more casual one) this will allow to have a greater variety of photos
4 – Madam, you can ask Monsieur what clothes he would like to see you wear and vice versa

photo mariage luxe paris