A wedding photographer in Paris …

Who am I ?

Breton by birth, but Parisian at heart, I am lively and sparkling and full of color. I love people, life, sun, my two children, my husband and my dog. I do not like green beans, cold, grisaille and spiders. I love fashion. I started the photography by the fashion shows at Haute Couture Fashion Week. One day by chance, about 4 years ago I was offered to cover a wedding. First the stress, the fear of the unknown, of not being up to the level … In the end, a magical experience, a great happiness. Since that day, photographing weddings has become a no-brainer. My greatest desire is to immortalize emotions.

If you are looking for a photographer with an artistic and creative approach “Fine Art”, who likes to transcribe beauty, happiness, joy, love through his cliches, then we are made to hear each other. It is also important to have pictures taken on the spot: this is how one can capture the emotions.

I think that one is not aware of happiness at the moment. If I can capture it and immortalize it on my images I am delighted. I like lively photos full of colors but also black and white deep and I bring a great importance to light.
My approach, my services:

My performance is adapted to you and your wishes because this event is yours, and the most important of your life. That is why before your wedding we exchange regularly as many times as necessary. Getting to know each other is the key to the success of a good report. I am a part of your life for a day so it is very important that the feeling is reciprocal. A few weeks before your wedding I will send you a questionnaire in order to get to know you better, this will allow you to have images that look like you. My approach is that of a photojournalist: of course there will be some photos asked, but I prefer far to capture scenes on the go. It is therefore important that I be discreet and at the same time close to you.

My equipment:

I have 2 NIKON boxes : a D750 and a D610 in order to have a diversity of plans and more security. I also work with 2 lenses with fixed focal length but also 2 telephoto lenses.


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Ranked among the best Parisian photographers to zankyou : http://www.zankyou.fr/p/nos-meilleurs-photographes-de-paris
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